Wednesday, 20 August 2008

yesterday was okay. yeah, lets start with yesterday
shall we? after school went back to take the guitar
& went back to school again. pretty dumb right? Then
Aidil showed off his guitar skills to us. SHOW OFF !
hahahs, jkjk ! Yeah & i straightened my hair ! temporary.

Then after that, Aidil, Khairiyah, Nazirah & Me lepak
under the block for awhile. Tired lahs ! In school run
here run there. HAHAS ! So yeah then took the loooong
way home as usual. Aidil met Syazana & Aini otw so, yeah
yknow yknow ! Then its left with Khai, Naz & Me.

So yeah, otw home. Saw the grss soccer players
having their training at grps. Watched for awhile
then I went home while Khairiyah & Nazirah starred
at the guys who does nothing but shout & throw balls
at each other. HAHAHS ! Seriously ! But yeah whatever.
I didnt want to stay longer cause yknowyknow.

Then today was normal. Went to greenridge for lunch.
blablablabla !

kay, bye !

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