I lost enough already, fcuks !

Monday, 18 August 2008
heyaaaaaa (:

kay whatever . im sick of pretending .
theres nothing between me & mike
anymore so stop asking . GET IT ?!?
GAHS ! i dont ever want to talk about it .
Its as if i havent lost enough already .

kay lets face it, the guy I have a superb
crush on is attached . yeah hope his happy .
Still I wouldnt have felt so crushed if
you wouldnt have lied , damn it !

Anyways, lets start with last week . heeees .

kays, the placement talk was a bore !
but was fun . I mean , pfft . How often do you
get to see your friends in school, at night ?!?
rightright ? It was cold & the classes next year
are like sosososo unfair ! Theres gonna be A maths
plus POA next year for 3N1 & only POA for 3N2 .
No fair ! i wanna take POA but I dont wanna go 3N2 !
I dont mind taking A maths too though . But If
I were to choose 3 , I'll choose 3N1/3N2/3N3 .
3N3 the class offering Art . Yeah, ART ! Better
than F&N andand D&T if you were to ask me .
So yeah, anjing melayus had an argue about it .
We dont wanna seperate you see . If I were to go
to 3N2, i'll be with Norliana & Aidil Putra . Whereas
3N1 you may ask ? yeah, I'll be with Girlfies plus
Raihan, Aidil & Hakim . bloodyhell fit wants to
take F&N just for the sake of cooking . hahahahs !

So thats that . I guess most of us will be going our
seperate ways now . Gee, the last time I sperated
from a group of friends is Primary 6 . But for me,
I'd rather seperate with them when i graduate
rather then now . Yeah, I lost enough already GIRLFIES !

So yeah where was I ? oh yeah, last week ! after the
placement talk , went to dinner with my family . first time
going to town in my school uniform . hehehs .
people there must be wondering which school I come from .

the next day, which was Saturday, had a Family Day at
Fort Canning . Daddy's working place thing uhhs . Yeah, it
was an Outdoor Movie Screening . Watched Spiderwick
Chronicles & Ironman . It was funfunfun ! I didnt camwhore
much though .

Nothing much the next day ..

So today ? Nehs, nothing much . But another A in my
Maths Test ! yeah !

kay bye !

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