Thursday, 30 April 2009

drunken with love

Time: 3.23pm
Too early is it ? Yeah, but who cares ? :D

School was a bore. Oh, I'm officially finished with my NAPHA ! I've got 11.2 seconds for my shuttle run & cher said it was good for a girl ! YAY ! POA & Physics was the usual bore . Things started to bright up during A Maths & English . Oh, & i finally passed my Chemistry . 11/20, yeah just passed & not a very good mark too . But atleast I tried . So yeah, during recess, or after should be exact, we were talking about this certain person who we used to like reallyreally like . Just in case any asswipes thought it was them, I'm refering to a junior . No harm sharing here right ? Yeah we used to hangout alot last year . And I'm shocked that I'm not the only one who doesnt fancy her now . Oh well, she still rocks i guess . I guess its just me . Lawls .

Oh, & trip to Melbourne/Indonesia/China is cancelled due to Swine Flu ):

Fuck it man, i was looking forward to experiencing winter there . I wanna see penguins andd kangaroos andandd eat strawberries ! Oh well, there better be a postponed one .

And I'll be watching 17 Again and telling Girlfies how hothotheat Zac Effron looks in the movie . *melts*

Speaking of hot, went home early yesterday to go to NUH for a migraine check thing . Had to lined up to check temperature & I was eavesdropping this hot reporter who was socializing with the old lady there . Yes I better stop & shut up ;)

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

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