Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Relationships are like glass. Sometimes its better to
leave them broken then trying to hurt yourself by
putting it back together.

Why does a woman love a man ?
Note: I aint refering to those who are currently happy with their relationship, duh. & oh, inspired by another blogger (:

Is it because they seem so nice at first ? Their looks ? His heart ? The way he thinks ? Or is it just something she notices in him that makes him so different from others.
LOVE, its the closest thing we have to magic & that many people believe in but still could not tell the defination specifically. I dont understand why everybody wants it so much when all it leads to is heartache. In my case, Mr Right is always WRONG. Still, I cant stop myself from thinking about them. I just wish I could tell them how I feel.
Though ofcourse, I dont love them like how I did yesterday.
The most common advice people gave me is to "wait for the right one". Sometimes when love strike, we (or in this case I) really thought his the one.
In conclusion, it isnt my ex boyf's fault if they made me so afraid to fall in love again. I was the one who choose the path which doesnt lead me to much inner pain & agony. That way, the only cause for anything that goes wrong, would be me.

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