Saturday, 18 April 2009


I dont have best friends, I've got sisters.

We arent perfect. We fight & keep secrets from each other. We've got stupid attitudes & we hate each other's ex boyfs. Despite whatever, there's bound to be a happy ending although life isnt a fairytale (:

I've superduper love my superduper friends & I miss them superduper muchh although its only been 1 day since we last met but it's as if its been superduper loooooooooong !

I'm gonna beg my mum if I could go swimming with Khairiyah tommorow . Nazirah cant follow cause she's disabbled . tsktsktsk ! HAHAHAS ! Gosh, I've got to stop all this cyber bullying .

Yknoww whenever theres an assembly talk on cyber bullying Girlfies will all look at me & I would be like, "why everyone look at me?" & Nazirah would be "Jgn kerek uhh." Kekekekekekek .

So yeah, ITE students have strated schooling like since Monday & Berok's a schoolgirl again ! So is Hanim & both studying at ITE Clementi .

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of taking Higher Nitec after my Os . Seriously . Cause going to Poly is like a very huge step and now, I cant even cope with 7 subjects . I intend to take it slowwly . Go to a cool ITE, take a Nursing/Health Science higher nitec course, then go to Poly . Well, it was just a thought . Besides, I really need to fail POA in order to drop . LOL . This doesnt sound like me speaking right ? I know .

Daddy really wants me to take this course & be a nurse . Did you know,

A Phillipine Doctor=A Singaporean Nurse

YAR ! That means if I were to become a Nurse & go to Phillipine, I could become a doctor yknowww . Besides, aid is needed everywhere . So they'll wont reject your application if you're qualified . My other option would be Film & Media Studies andd Mass Communication . i think I would go for Health Science, at Ngee Ann Poly .

Yes, I dream BIG. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee !

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