Friday, 17 April 2009

Step Down Ceremony, edited .

Vice-Chairperson '08

Secretary '08

Treasurer '08

Quarter Mistress '08

Chairperson '08

Secretary '09

Treasurer '09

Chairperson '09

Quarter Mistress '09

& Roslyana, Vice-Chairperson '09 .

Congrats everybody . And I'm a Ma'am bebeh ! Yes ah (:
Oh & congrats to Zul, Asyikin, Azura & Syafiqah for getting promoted to Staff Sergeant :DDD

My day was, ok . Yesterday's match you may ask ? Well, the girls lost 5-1 . Nazirah & Ain got herself injured & I had to change their bandages . I'm bragging actually ;D

During the step-down ceremony, we played games the whole day. 1st is the game where one person has to feed their teammates m&ms using chopsticks, 2nd was the idk what but yeah, I played that game during tuition when I was 12, with an ex-boyf . LOL . Thirdly was "concentration" . Then, we had pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa !

Then when I got back home, after bath and everything, daddy watched some videos & I want you to listen to it . Malay songs though, heheheh (:

Belaian Jiwa-Vincent Chong.
Oh, his HOT !

Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu-Kerispatih

The 2nd video's really, omg . I want that sorta boyfriend ! The one willing to take the risks for everything .

SO yupzxzxz, that was my day . Currently chatting with him . So i gtg now . Take Care :DD

P/S videos take time to load :DDDDDDDDDD

Oh, I've forgotten to do this survey Berok/Shrek linked me to do .

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