Thursday, 16 April 2009


Hello bloghoppers (:
Thanks so much for dropping by though I don't have anything interesting to post today.

Today, the handouts for those going to Indonesia were given out . They're going to do very interesting things indeed . Like going to this popular restaurant & school, visiting places that has anything to do with the Royal Family, going to Mount Merapi . Very beautiful place (:

In Melbourne however, lets seee .

1 June - Visit The Immigration Museum & City Tour.
2 June - Great Ocean Road & Kangaroobie Farm (Overnight on the farm,
yay !)
3 June - Still Kangaroobie Farm, return to Melbourne.
4 June - Mornington Peninsula, Strawberry Farm, Vineyard, Gordon Glass
Blowing Studio.
5 June - Queen Victoria Market, Multi-Culture Food Tour, Koala Conservation
Centre, Penguin Protection Programme & The Penguin Parade.
6 June - National Gallery of Victoria, Home Sweet Home.

Yesh, the things I'm going to do there . Of course, if I do well in my Mid-Year Exams . I'm the only person in class going . But there's gonna be Karen, Raihan & Shurina from the other 2 classes . YAY !

My relatives from Malaysia seems really proud of me . After all I'm the latest person who gets to go overseas after Aidil . He went to Japan last year, TSK . And at last I'm going out of Asia .

But girlfies will be off to Indonesia exactly on 6 June when I get back . TSKK . Khairiyah was happy, cause she finally got to ride an aeroplane . The last time I rode an aeroplane I was like 4 years old . So apparently I've forgotten how it feels like .

So yeah as you can see, I'm really looking forward to this . I'll buy strawberries for everyone & I'll bring a penguin back home for Rena . HAHAHAHS !

A Maths was free periods & a laugh . Do not underestimate Sabila, seriously . She's damn funny seyy . I was laughing like mad in class just now . HAHAHS . POA test ? Dont ask .

Tomorrow's the step down ceremony . Or step up in my case . Yay ! I hope its gonna be a fun one this year . Congrats to all the Ex-Cos to-be (:

Kay, I've got to go . Take excellent care everyone !

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