Thursday, 28 May 2009

12345678910 days ago when I still had my extensions on :)

Loneliness knows everything I keep inside.

Today was indeed the best day of the week! Why you may ask?


I'm feeling stunned/happy/surprise! Veryyyyyyyyy! I mean like after the remorse and getting last during Sports Day, I didnt thought that we could win. I mean Heron was confident and all then but now, omfg! So yeah. The B division group champions were from Eagle too! Baek per? Surprisingly the neighbouring schools werent there. There are runners from Regent, Assumption, Jurong, Chestnut Drive and anotehr Assumption school but idk what. Obviously they only send in competitors from their Track and Field CCA.

So yeah, here are the results for the C division.

C Boys-
1st place Jurong, 2nd place Assumption English, 3rd place Regent
C girls-
1st place Regent, 2nd place Jurong, 3rd place Zhenghua.

B Boys-
1st place Aaroson, 2nd place Fithri.
B Girls-
1st place Zalilah.
From Eagle lah duh.

Overall Girls Champions: Eagle
Overall Boys Champions: Hawk
Which sums up to Eagle being the overall champion! YAY!

Nazirah's got 9th place, Khairiyah's got 10th and Norliana 15th.
Shocking right? I didnt know Norliana can run that fast. Anyway, next year's gonna be the last year for us. They better be participating. Gawdd, I'm still glad that Eagle's finally rising up since getting last position for the past few years.

Alright enough about Cross-Country. Tomorrow's the release of our Mid-Year Results. Jengjengjengg! So yeah, I dont have to attend the meet the parents thing. Which is a good thing cause thats for those who failed 3/4 more subjects. A very little chance that I'll pass Combined Humanities. A Maths & Combined Science ? HAHAH. No hope siaaaa.

Time Check: 8.29pm
I'm not online kay? I just posted on my picture blog so yeah, do check it.

Well, I hatehatehateeeeeee my life now.

I'm still not very much satisfied with the fact that Adam Lambert didnt win the American Idol. I mean, both of the contestants dont have nice vocals like the previous seasons Idols but Adam Lambert is muchmuch better than Kris Allen. Just because his a homosexual he didnt win like what the hell? Same fate as Clay Aiken is it not?

Australia trip, cancelled. A barbeque will be replaced but only 8 students vote so there wont be anything to replace the 6 days worth going to Melbourne. A BBQ is better than nothing right like wth?

I stupidly sync-ed my iPod here instead of sync-ing it at my laptop where my songs are still there and there arent any at my PC since my dad restarted the whole thing. So, I had to copy songs form my phone into the desktop then sync it into my iPod and theres less than 100 songs now. So yeah, for those planning to buy an iPod, dont! Seriously man.

I downloaded some videos from YouTube and yeah, it was a success but it wasnt the right format for my iPod. Dowloaded the Video Converter, stupidly converted into the MP3 format. Instead of getting videos, I get songs instead. Urgh.

As mentioned, bill exploded. Hence, no one called=boredom!

Andandandd I really hate it when I have to bloghop to other people's blog and make sure i wont be posting a topic same as them. Argh. I've got a bad name for copying people is it? Fuckkkkk you people! I never copied kay? Homeworks dont count. I write whatever alright? My blog, My Say remember? Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Whatever lah. I dont care what you guys write/think about me anymore.
As far as I'm concern, I dont hate anyone now. Well, except for that girl who ruined my life and made me argue with my boyfriend last year. Dont say that I'm accusing anybody cause its damn true I tell you! I pretty sure I've got haters but screw them. I dont need this sorta people in my life. Theres more important things in life then to entertain & listen to them critisize/bitch/gossip/backstab me all the time.

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