Saturday, 30 May 2009

My world, My laughing gas, My best friend (:
Atleast we were once. Just good friends now. People change right Khairiyah?


So yeah, I didnt post yesterday & I'm sure you guys can infer from there that I didnt do well at all for my Mid Year. Flunk-ed 2 subjects, A Maths & Combined Sciences. Shit man, Mrs Lee dont allow any of us to drop because of our stupid seniors who took their free time for granted when they dropped their subjects. TSK. Irritating lahhseyy.

Yesterday was superb! Went to greenridge and waited forever for Nazirah & Amira to arrive. Had our brunch at Banquet, Amira rented the "Jangan Tegur" show. Went over to her place & watched it. I was screaming all the way at first after that I got over it. After that, went home with Norliana while Nazirah & Amira went to Plaza. The weather is making everyone crazy. Its sooo bloody hot now.

Reached home, the lecture starts. Went to sleep after that woke up around 6pm. Bathed, did my homework, had dinner, slept again. So yeah that was yesterday. The lecture continued today. Blahblahblah. Today was pretty much a boring day for me. I didnt stepped out of my house today and nobody interesting's online.

Haiz, sad mannnnnnnn. Tommorow I'm going to town with Khairiyah & Khadijah. Am I supposed to be happy I'll be able to go out or sad when Khairiyah spends more time with Khadijah huh? Oh well, I'll just be going to enjoy myself and cheering for Fantastic Crew. Yay.

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