Thursday, 7 May 2009


Since everyone has it and it looks very interesting. Why not have one ?
pssst, go tell the whole world I copied everyone else. that proves how lame & childish you are.

Yar, tell ahh !
"Ekh, Artika copy me sia. I have plurk she also have plurk." -.-"
Yang korang dapat plurk korang tu dari maner ? Bodoh !

Kay moving on.
I'm really effed up with some things right now. Nothing to do with last night pleaseeeeeeeee !

I'll spill it all out here & I appreciate it if you keep your comments to yourself, ty.

I find it veryveryveryveryveryvery stupid when a girl looks at me differently . I know I've got the arrogant look but hey, who are you to stare at me for no reason right ?
Artika's a Bitch and a Flirt.
So what ? I may be a flirt but I've got limits too. Obviously I'm not some sicko who flirt with other people's boyfriends and apparently I cant seem to remember when's the last time I flirt. Seriously stupid seyy. Kay fine uhh, what people wrote at their blog post may not concern me at all but why insult people through your blog post ? Not happy with anyone confront them lah sey. Atleast when I backstabbed people in my blog my only reason why I did that is because they did the same thing to me whattttttt and that idiot doesnt know my blog also.
Sooooo aah please lah . Rimas tau aku tengok blog macam ni .
Alright ah, your blog your say . But whats the point if you keep on blogging about other people when its supposed to be about you ? Gosh, for once I'm making sense (refering to the last sentence, heh.)

Another thing . I can swear to god that I'm not refering to one particular person .

I dont see what can happen in a friendship when a boyf has something to do with it. Hey, I dont have any problems with my ex boyf's ex girlfs though they always seem to look at me in a very arrogant manner idk why. Well, except for Syazana, Khairiyah & Nooraini all those.

Why ? Mentang2 mataer kau ex orang laen kau boleh tunjok muke taik kat dier per ? Sorry lah ekh, as usual Englishku semakin hancur. Hehs.

Note: I dont know why I'm feeling so paranoid about this though I never experienced it before.

This happened like to Khairiyah. Yah man, I just recalled. But nehmind, that was like donkey years ago & I shant bring up the matter.

But in case this happens to me, I'll be like argh !

Are you like not happy about me being your boyfriend's ex girlfriend ? I dont give a damn about your 'love story' between you & him uh . Whats your aim if you give me the look huh ? Make me jealous is it ? About what huh ? That my ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend ? Please lah . I dont care who he has in his life especially when he doesnt care about me anymore . Nak jealous uat aper seyy ?
Theres more to life than love man.

And before you try to get on my nerves with your sarcasm, think of your plan brilliantly before doing so.

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