Friday, 8 May 2009

And I Wonder Where You Allighted.

Currently chatting with Azeem & listening to the radio.
There's many good songs on today.

POA Paper 1 was, argh ! I studied all the definitions of the concepts and what came out was entirely different ! All those double entry shit like wth . I'm not good at the General Journal sey. Our minds were all blank .
Paper 2 was a good paper . Trading, Profit & Loss Accont , Balance Sheet, Trial Balance & Purchases Ledger came out . I should be able to obtain atleast a pass cause I did average on these as tests before this and scored well . Heck care about Paper 1 .

So yeah, I'll be making a picure blog soon . So aah yeah byeeeeeeeeeee !

P/S You'll see me soon here.

Insyallah (:

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