Monday, 4 May 2009

I Hate Myself

Gawdd, last week was really one of the worst week's . I guess its okay to spill it out here .

I really can't believe how much guys can betray you . First, he says he likes you . Then he tells me he has a girlfriend and his excuse was like, "oh, she reminds me of an ex-girlf."
What the hell, asshole.

I didnt like him . I mean, yeah I kinda did at first but I knew nothing was gonna happen . What kind of idiot would go for someone who reminds him/her of their ex ? Possibly, I'll stay away from people who reminds me of mine .

And now, his not talking to me . Referring to another person here . He said its okay if I didnt liked him . But he claims that the words I told him really hurts him . Well, as usual I didnt mean to hurt a person . Since then we were like always arguing . He said he never changed . I think otherwise .

Oh whats new right ? A guy likes a girl, decided to go for it, when the girl was like NO the guy gives up, argues with the girl, makes her feel guilty and runs away . I dont find guys who cry a sissy or whatsoever but a guy who runs away ? Shit man.

I didnt give my best for my Paper 1 this morning . I was like thinking what to write but nothing came to my mind except this bloody problem . And bad things cant happen some other time is it ? Urgh.

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