Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Okay, lets be real mature now shall we ?

Today's paper was Mother Tongue. I've got to admit I gave my 100% in this paper 1 compared to English. Although I must say that Paper 2 was difficult. Everyone was like checking the dictionary for the meaning of words after the paper. Well, I didnt really bother. After all I'm like the lowest. I've got to say that my Malay really suck & I can only score in Paper 1 & the Compre. And yeah, I felt like crying when I wrote my Malay Composition. LOL ekh. I choose the topic likelike the one where we they give you a sentence and you have to continue. Aah, that one. Serious sey. And then I almost laughed at myself. HAHAH, kekek sey.

Oh, & yesterday was funny too ! During English Paper 2 I was admiring Elvina's hair when I suddenly gave out a loud hiccup. Malu nyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! And, I kinda snorted like twice. Gawd ! I'm really an embaracement man, shit. Kay yeah, no one heard that ekh korang, I think. Yeah, whatever lah ! Sheesh.

Oh, and I finally noticed that Aqilah deleted the post she wrote here like wth ! Called her up just now, asked why. She said as long as I'm telling the truth, I dont have to proove/proof myself to anyone . Proove/proof part to pahamkan jer lah ekh. Yknoww, my English. Getting so the bad now. Yeah, and she also said I have nothing to be afraid of. After all I'm telling the truth & my dad works with the law blablablah. Oh, & she also ask me tell you guys that she really meant what she said about my friends though I didnt read that part so I dont know what she's talking about lawl . And I'm not a butch kay ! Nazirah was like "ekh, butch!" & I'll be like "what lah bitch!" and khairiah would be like "HAHAHAHAHS!" & I'll be like "shut up, biatch!" & she'll be like "Balek lah !" and Girlfies will be like "HAHAHAHS!" and nazirah would be like -.-" So yeah .
Laugh Out Loud.

So tomorrow's Social Studies & E Maths. I really need to do well for this so please pray for me & wish me luck ! Kay I better stop "shiok sendiri" before Nazirah insults me tomorrow .

Oh, & before I leave, I just found out that Azie auditioned for Anugerah like, idk. Afew days ago or yesterday, idk . Khairiyah showed me a video of her & fulamak ! Suare sedap seyyy ! But, she didnt get thru . i've got to admit the judges werent being fair and all . Its ok lah, you're always a star to me (:

Take Care All !

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