Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Just Breathe

Four papers down, Six subjects left and Ten more papers to go.
Elementary Maths was okay at first but part Section two dah start merepek. The question with the two triangles in a circle that one, I left that blank. I had all the formulas that has anything to do with triangles in my head all the way till Pythagoras Theorm but I still cant figure it out . Social Studies was really sucky . I wasnt able to finish my paper, well everyone didnt but its a surprise 3N2 & 3N3 managed to finish it . Hmmmmmm .

So yeah wish me luck on E Maths Paper 1 & Geography tmr !
& shit, I havent started on Coasts . GAHS !

Andd I finally know how to edit my blogskin, yay. Slow ekh.
I only changed the template. I emailed what I wanted to write at my profile to Aqilah & she did all the changes. Background choice was Fatin's & Yani's. Thanks ekh korang !

& Azeem better be online soon. I miss the dude to the bits !

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