Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Eyyyyyyyyyy, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Its 6.14pm & I just came back from Greenridge.
Today was freaking awesome!

Firstly, 31/50 for E Maths Paper 2. *clapclap*
Second, 16/30 for Social Studies. Ok for someone who didnt manage to complete it I guess.
Thirdly, CIP was wicked!

Kaykay, went to this Old Folks Home at Tampines. The residents there werent very friendly at first but heh, you know me. I go to homes every year man. Its a Red Cross thing. Hehe.
So yeah, the journey was bloody looong. Many people fell asleep in the bus. Reached there, briefing then socializing. The performance was okay also. But the audience like "not happening" uh. Yknowyknow. After that, things became much better. I was socializing at almost every table. Alaar almost jer. Just say "hi" all those then if they bad mood then walk away uhhs. HA-HAH. So yeah, here are some pictures of me preparing the food.

HAHAH. I'm suchha fat face.
Anyway yeah, today was a two thumbs up!

So hows the new skin? Simple right? I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike! Heh. Was supposed to change Nazirah's blogskin too but heh, didnt.

Anyway, i'm really feeling. GAHS, idk. Effed up is the word/phrase. Friends are arguing, oh whats new right? It doesnt have anything to do with me. So I shant interfere. I just dont like it when they fight. It isnt the first time.

And secondly, daddy doesnt sound happy about me going to Melbourne idk why. Maybe Abg Shaffi's right. Theres another eason behind this that they're not telling me. It has already be confirmed that I'll be going right? I hope. Those airline tickets are all under my edusave and if I cant go, its all being wasted. *cries*

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