Monday, 18 May 2009


Think I'm A Whore ? FUCK OFF!
psst, remind me never to wear this at home again. I was freezing last night.

Howdy bloghoppers ;)

I'm sure you guys did well for your exams. Mine you may ask? Hahah, dont! But I'm pretty much very satisfied with my Malay Paper 1. Frankly, I did quite well for a weak student. Total, I scored a B i think. By myself sey! last few years during Continual Assessments where we dont have to separate our desks, I'll always copy. But this year we had to seperate our desks during CA1. Didnt do well the first round but I obviously improved, a lot! Very proud for myself sey.

Alrighty then, today school was normal. Started at 8am instead of 9am. Tsk. Last few periods were discussing about CIP tomorrow and doing this survey thing. Then went to KFC for lunch where Kanina Nabei Nazirah spilled Pepsi on me. Yelah, accident. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
After that we bumped into Adi & his girlfriend. We went to Fajar to wait for Aidil & the rest but they didnt turn up & we feel like dropping out of the performance thing, seriously. In the end, thought about it. Nah. I'm still in. Not that heartless kay. So yeah, then Annura turned up & lent me her novel like finally! At last I wouldnt have to rot at home. Then sat at the staircase near Khairiyah's house. Had a really great laugh there. Khairiyah & the small car toy thing. HAHAH. Kekek sey. Then went to Fajar for awhile. After that went home. Bathed, ate, watched tv then now I'm updating this stupid blog.

Yknow, i'm feeling so tempted to change my blogskin but freaking Qils isnt free. Haiz.

& oh, I just downloaded the new messenger & photoscape here. Heck care the laptop. I cant use it often now. Surprisingly Nazirah isnt online.

Soooo uhh kayyyyy. Bye!

P/S they say Adam Lambert's gay ):

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