Monday, 25 May 2009


Whats going on with my life you may ask?
Alrightyy then, lets see shall we.

Firstly, there are 400 messages in my inbox which simply means that my bill will explode & I'll have to pay most of it. So screw those who messaged me kkkkkkk!
Secondly, meeting with parents for those going to Melbourne. This doesnt sound good.
Thirdly, things between me & girlfriends are becoming much worse. Atleast with Amira is fine.

I wantttt change! I cant handle this life, especially not now. I mean yeah, its very minor. I've been through worse shit before *^&%$&*@$% !
Obviously Idk what I'm typing. Laugh Out Loud.

Atleast there are some good things in life recently.

Firstly, no meet-the-parents session for me. Yeay.
Secondly, I'm beginning to learn how to ignore.
Thirdly, I dont mind sarcastic people.

Oh well, I hope things will go well soon.
I hope the meeting tommorow will be something good. Those who were supposed to go to Indoesia but didnt better not curse us. Trust me, I want this more then you guys. You may not see it but obviously no one knows me better than myself right?

And I miss Boyfriend ):
Take Care!

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