Sunday, 24 May 2009


Scars on the skin which reflects bad memories & lessons learned.

Yes, I'm back baby! Miss me not? Heh.
Camp was okay I guess. So I'll start with Day 2 since I only came yesterday.

Day 2.
Arrived at 8am or so. Joined the rest in a cheering session. Was okay. They werent very enthusiastic. Seriously. After that was breakfast which was bread and kaya/jam with milo for the campers & bread with vanilla and milo for us. Yeay. After that was "Amazing race" where a clue will be given to each group and they'll go around the neighbourhood looking for other clues. Each of us will be stationed at a point. Roslyana & me were stationed at greenridge. Bravo so kekek sey! The clue says that "Location clue: The station you drop off before you drop off to go to school when you take the route via petir from Bukit Panjang." they went to Senja instead of Segar -.-" Which reminds me of the time Boyfriend stupidly dropped off at Senja when we're supposed to meet at Segar. LOL ekh. Sooooo ahh after the race thing was footdrill footdrill footdrill then then water games then they bath then their performance discussions while me & the non-executive members start up the barbeque. After campfire, which I didnt watch/witness was the barbeque thing. I ate alot, frankly. HAHAH! I just cant help myself. Then yeah, I called everyone. K not everyone. Boyfriend then family then Nazirah hoping they'll get jealous. PLAN FAILED. After BBQ was night walk where it turned out to be a failure also cause everyone was scared & they were walking so quickly until we lost sight of them and we had to send teams to go up. So yeah, lights off at 12am & we finally get to bath. Unlike some people who never did.

Day 3 was somehow rather much simple then Day 2. Its just breakfast, cheerings, clean-up, sue you in court session where bloodyhell Maziah sued me for being late the day before. Nabei! HAHAH! And then home sweet home. So yeah. That was camp.

Went home, straight away went to sleep. I didnt bother to check my phone neither did I charged it. But yeah, camp was fun. We got to pluck cherries. Oh, atleast I did.

I pretty much miss everybody especially during the bad times when I almost wanted to argue with the Chairperson for being so moody all the time. Atleast she wasnt so bossy. And oh, NCC was camping with us & they had to sleep at the 2nd level. *evil laughs*
Atleast better than us seyyyyy. That time when we were camping with Volleyball & Girl Guides our bunks were at the 4th floor. Sadddddddddddddddddddd.

Ok, dont expect any msgs from me till the end of th month. Explain soooo. Bye.

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