Thursday, 11 June 2009

Friggin' Fun.

Today's outing was superb I tell you! Not as superb as the time we went to Orchard but yeah, still fun. Of course, it'll be much better if Amira & Liana were around.

My day started off by waking at 6.30am. Friggin' early right? I just woke up all of a sudden & I couldn't get back to sleep. Watched tv awhile, bathed, cleaned. The usual boring morning routine. Then, I was 15mins late. HEHEH. Weirdly, Nazirah & I arrived first & Khairiyah & Khadijah were friggin late! Hence, we missed the first few parts of the movie. Plus, I had to pay for their movie ticket! Grrrrr. Atleast they paid back but Khairiyah still owes me 5 bucks since that friggin' night cycling thing! We watched "Monsters Vs Aliens" btw. Not as good as many people said it was but still okay. Andddd vvvvvvvvv funny! After that, headed off to town but otw there, we dropped off Yani at Naddy's place. Nazirah was like disturbing the rest and I almost ROFL. Otw, surprised visit by Maziah. Dropped off at Bugis and went window shopping at Bugis Street. Cant afford Bugis Junction lah. EHEHEH.
Theres this really HOTHOTHEAT Vintage top I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! I almost cried there man. Crying inside lah. Not the wiping-tears-rolling-over-cheek thing. And guy shirts are much more nicer. I mean the female clothes are alright but I'll look so cheap/slutty. And $10 for just one pathetic singlet ? Serious or whatt ? OMG mannn. But the shoes there are nice. Had lunch after that at M Donalds. I told them my stupid joke/story Aqilah told me & I died laughing to myself cause its just to friggin' funny to tell but in the end the rest dont get it. Kaninaaaaaa! Speaking of Kaninaaaa, Khairiyah just bought a new hp! TSKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Fishmonger btol. I cant get a new phone till end of next year sia wthell. K nehmind.

After Bugis, went to Penisula where I finally bought that bag. YAYAYAY. I didnt buy the same bag as Nazirah & Khairiyah cause its just not my type. HEH. So I bought a different one. Boyfriend & his clans doesnt like the camera bags but heh, sorry bby but I love my new bag! (Not as much as I love you though :]) After Peninsula, headed to idk what this place is called & we had such a laugh there.

"Our Glorious Dead", sungguh tak perlu.

Note to self: Never buy anymore MAC liquid eyeliners. They arent so waterproof as Erlyyana said they were.

I was spending more time adjusting my eyeliner. (Adjusting?HAH!) Nazirah was like, "Dah tk ya nak melawa lah. Satu dunia ni dah tau kau ader mataer". Laugh Out Loud ekh katek. Sungguh tak masuk akal kerana hanya kawan-kawan & sedara aku sahaja yang tau. CHEYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Artika step speaking konon. Talk before you speak ekh! Oh, I mean think before you speak :DDDDDDD

After that, I went to Naddy's place while the rest went to Jurong Point & Nazirah went home. Yepzzzzzz, today's friggin' awesome !
And I'm sleeping over at Naddy's. Isnt that great? :]

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