Wednesday, 10 June 2009

you're the reason why i'm still breathing.

Hey Bloghoppers !
Currently watching Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon. Funny!

I was browsing through my Archives and pretty stunned or should I say surprised that I've really changed a lot. No more slitting and all those childish & "attention seeker" stuffs. Despite the heavy problems I went through for the last few years, life was really more relaxing then.

This year's really tough. I mean yeah for the first 2 years I've been taking 8 subjects in a semester and I'm only taking 7 this year. I'm failing almost every Common Tests & I haven't got any distinctions yet. Its really hard to be the top in class now.

I've got 22 points for my EMB3 which is really not at all good cause mommy wants me to get less than 10 in my N Levels because many people have been doing very well for their N Levels. As for daddy, his really against me wanting to go to ITE. At least students from ITE still gets to go to school right? Urgh.
I mean yeah, given a choice I dont want to go there either but I just dont mind studying in ITE. I'm not even sure if I still wanna take Health Sciences after I graduate. My sciences really sucks ! The best subject I did was POA and yeah, being an accountant is cool I guess but during an economic crisis, neh!

See? My future's affected just because of my stupid results I get during my Upper Secondary School Exams & I havent even go through the rest of my years here. My Mid Year was really badly done. Badly as in vvvvvvvvvvv badly! I guess I've got to try harder.

Back to the point, yeah I'm obviously not the same person I was a year ago. Although I've still got haters, I pretty much dont care about them. Actually, I've got to thank them. Those sarcastic compliments & insults. Yeah, I wasnt aware that there are such snotty people out there.

Yeapzzzzzzz. Life's Good after all (:

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