Sunday, 21 June 2009


There wouldn't be any Swine Flu if we had treated the pigs better. -Jim Carrey

Yeah, I'm back & I swear I missed everyone especially girlfriends & boyfriend of course. I didn't do anything much there except watched Hanna Montana The Movie which was okay. There was lots of durians but I didn't eat much. And the kittens have grown. Yeah that was, boring. And yeap, I've got a new haircut & hey! I've got a fringe now & Nazirah cant insult me anymore. Yeayeay. Reached home, went for the haircut which costs $12. Like wth right ? Just for a pathetic haircut & it doesnt even look really nice. After the haircut, bathed, rest & went to Plaza. I met Shahirul there & that dude's getting taller every time I see him. Reached Plaza, met Khairiyah then walkwalk. Watched the Youth Extravaganza thing, met Elmo & went home before 10pm. I couldnt wait for Sleeq lah. Sad right ? ): The next day was obviously today. Yeah I went back from Malaysia yesterday & its as if I havent blog for so looong. Oh, what the heck am I talking about like duhh I havent been blogging -.-"

Thank god no one spammed. I havent have any idea whose the "spacegay" but nevermind. Oh & I watched the MTV Movie Awards a few days back & yeay to twilight for winning the Best Movie. And Jim Carrey was so the hillarious man. Anddd uhmm yeah finally Ashley Tisdale won something & no surprise that Zac Effron did too. Robert Pattinson won a lot of awards & the girl did also. What else uhh ? Yar thats all. Today went to Bukit Timah Plaza & saw Azrina there, working. She's getting prettier now, seriously. Well all my Primary School friends are getting prettier now no doubt. HEH. Alright moving on, I've just read a few plurks & I'm really effing fed-up with something/someone. Golly, nevermind I guess. Just ask me if you bother. I'm not going to complain online. Its childish dont you think ?

Just go through your plurks & read your responses, boyfriend. "Shit Happens" Familiar ?

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