Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Without Betrayal, There Isn't Love.

Heyyyyyy. Hiiiiiiii man! Miss me not ? :D
Today was sooooo the gerekkkkkkkkkkk !

First thing's first, boyfriend borrowed me his SIM card since mine's been confiscated. Go figure my new number lah yeah.

Alright today you may ask? Was supposed to meet at school but our uniforms for AYG have not arrived yet. So I met boyfriend first & I was late as usual. HEHEH. He bought me breakfast but I wasnt hungry so he ended up eating it -.-" HMMMMMM. Walkwalk at Lot 1 & it's so friggin boring. Met the rest at the Bus Interchange & oh, I saw Adi's ex/girlfriend whatever uh. Zul * Asmida was extremely late but nehmind. In the bus boyfriend was rather quiet & friends sat behind so I pretty much missed all the jokes from Zul. The journey was like friggin' loooooooong & Idayu who took the train reached first. Alamak. Dropped of at SGH. K yeah then it was me who was supposed to get the flu jap but in the end I was the 5th. Quite painful then expected. Serious shit siol. After that I told boyfriend to go home since he wasnt well. So the rest & me went to Plaza Singapura & ate Pizza Hut ! Yayayayay. Oh, except Carine & Roslyana who ate at LJS. We've got a discount since Asmida's working at KFC. Baek per ? Yeah, it was fun. Walkwalk, discussed about Fancy Footdrill then went home. I should hang out with them more often :D

Andddd yeay, Shafeeqa darling saved me from boredom again (:
I'll do it some other time. But thanks hotstuff.

Serious shit uhh, I miss girlfriends seyy.
Oh btw, I'll be going to Melaka tmr morning. So yeah tag don't spam ekh. Specially applied to my Laughing Gases who spammed me last year when I went off to KL. Nabei !
Klau yer pon nk spam tarok uhh, "Artika, you rock!" ker "I miss you!" ker. HAHAHA. Siak jer.


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