Sunday, 7 June 2009

Love. You wont find it cause it'll come to you. Its more than replying every messages sent,
answering every call & saying "I Love You".

I'm not writing this because things between me & boyfriend aren't going well.
We're doing great actually.
Its just that I had a small flashback last night between friends & me.
Andd about me being a third party all those shit. Well, I'm glad
i dont feel the same way i did last time. Gawd, i went through hell when
I was in that situation then. Its like I'm losing everything by being
friends with her. To that person yknoww what I'm talking about cause
you're the only person who knows.

I shant elaborate about this. I'm just glad that things are different now and
I'm happy with my life as it is. I've got a boyfriend who says he cares
for me a million times before & has proves it a million times since then. And I've still
got those friends whom I've went through thick & thin with and never leaves me.
Life's good after all :)

P/S : Humans. We never appreciate what we have now till we loose it.
♥, revenge isnt the answer.

Just to be random. Remember the survey I did a few days back ? I had to ask boyfriend stupid questions to get honest results. HAHAHAR. Link.

Here is the analysis:

Your sweetheart is an artist through and through. He is very sensitive and likes his privacy, which explains why he does not talk too much. However, he is very sincere and serious about you and your relationship, as well as life in general. You are lucky to have him as a boyfriend. He enjoys travel to places of natural beauty, reveling in calm and isolated spots. If you're heading away on a trip, take some good books to read. To keep the friendship sparkling, you also have to be sincere and sensitive. You should also be careful of things you say because he takes both criticism and praise very seriously.

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