Monday, 8 June 2009

Even Ogres get Scared.
Currently watching Shrek The Third. HAHAH. Funny siaaaaaaaa!

Anyway, I just came back from the SANA course at Sengkang there. And yeaay I passed ! *clapclap* So whats left would be the results for the Role Play & Online Project. So the leceh.
Yeah, it was so the fun. Not that boring as many people said it was.

Andanddanddd Wednesday would be the auditions for fancy footdrill & I'm not going because I tend to fall sick lah so yeah. ANDANDANDD AYG briefing postponed to 27 June. Which simply means we're still in. YAY!

Gosh, I'm feeling so happy today. First, I passed the written tests which I thought I wouldn't. Second, I'm still a volunteer for AYG. Isn't it great? And i laughed during the course until I cried. The lecturer was so the funny.

K lah, thats all I guess. I'm feeling so tempted to change my blogskin. I havent have anything much to do so uhhh yeah. No lah, for the sake of you people who always ask me "ekh, why never invite me" or "why your blog private?". -.-"

Urghhh, I'm feeling so bored nananana. I miss my girlfriends nananana. Speaking of which, I'll be meeting them this Thursday to catch a movie. Yayayayay!

I'm still thinking of what to say nananana. I'm just waiting for boyfriend to go online right nanana. And oh, he is nananana.

And I cant find the reason why ducky doesnt like being called "Angmoh" nananana. I think freckles are CUTE nanananah. K i'm just being random lah.

Andddd Laugh Out Loud to the Passerby ! AHAHAHAHAH.

K, i gtg right nanana. Byeeeeeeeeeeee nananah!

I just remembered that my parents can read my blog and it saves me from spammers also. (:

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