Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Private, not private. Private, not private. Private, not private.
Seems like everyone's right about me. I'm too fickle minded. Thought about it last night uhhh then quickly messaged Elmo to help me make it private. Cause 2 years ago daddy read my blog and I was attached that time so yeah. He obviously knows from there. SHITXZXZ. But nehmind lah hor. I dont expect anyone to view it. So yeah.

And oh, thanks Elmo for helping me make my blog private.
Oh, I helped her to do her blogskin. Go see Go see ! Should behave more like her yknoww. Not fussy :D

Gawdd, I'm so bored lahhhhh. Should I delete my friendster not? Anddd Facebook? I havent logged in to it since forever. Speaking of which, daddy has a facebook. Laugh Out Loud.

*Sighs* I miss going to weddings. Lucky one of my Cousin's getting married soon. Yeeeeeeeea! Thathat time right, HAHAH. Funny. K yeah, that time I borrowed Amira's hair straightener just for that one day. Andddandd HAHAH another time I was the kendarat person. Yeahyeah thenthen Heroine & her family was there & I was like HAHAHAH. It turns out that her mum & mine were best friends in Secondary School. Small world right?

Andandd see? Nadiah & Hanim have dimples ): Andandd their cheek bones are high. TSKKKK. No resemblance right? Me & them. We look friggin different. I look more like my cousins from my daddy's side. So the tall & so the dark. They're pretty though. Anddd I scrouch my nose all the time especially when I'm angry & when I'm having a cold andddanddd people like it when I get angry. Urgh!

The thing is right, when the 3 of us smile, eyebags can be seen. Especially mine. Rightrightrightttt? I feel soo ugly nownanana. K, bye uhh. I wanna play Sims. HEHEH.

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