Sunday, 12 July 2009

Appreciation Ceremony

Pictures coming soon.

I'm feeling rather happy today ! Yeayeayeay. Everything's finally settled down. I'm talking to my cousins again & isnt that great ? If you must know, all the emo shitz post. Yeah, i was pretty much refering to the problems I was having with them. Hohoho ! I feel like a big fat santa claus wanting to spread my joy & happiness to the world. HEHEHEHEHE.

Alrighty then the Appreciation Ceremony you may ask ? Seriously, if you get bored dont continue reading lah yeah.

After school, as usual chilled with girlfriends awhile then went back home straight as I know I'll take a friggin long time to decide what to wear. So true enough, I took an hour to find the right clothes. At first, tried on my tube dress which I havent been wearing since like 2 years ago but surprisingly I still can wear it. Then I was like, neh. I look too cheap. Went on & wanted to wear the dress Amira sold me, which I've yet to pay, shitx but I realized that I left it at Naddy's or Hanim's place. HEH. So lastly desided to wear the get-crumpled-easily shirt with jeans & sneakers. Okay lahh yeah.

Met Ekha, Asmida & her step sister at the void deck of my block then we went off to CCK. There, the rest already arrived except Aidil, Idham & Hamdi. We were already late so we didnt wait for them long. So yeah, took a bus to indoor stadium & we arrived exactly at 5pm. Heh. Took our tickets & goodie bags then waited for the 3 bullies to arrive.

Met them, went in & waited for a friggin long time for the friggin cermony to start. And oh, guess what? Stephanie Sun was there, singing chinese songs *shows sarcastic face* Like wtheck so the malays went off except for Maziah, Lyana, Afifah and Izza. Wanted to go to City Hall so they made me lied to my mum. Shitx. Then changed my mind, since Ekha has a meeting at her workplace & wont be following the boys. So I followed her along with Asmida, Aini & Putra.

During the whole trip, Putra told me stories about his Primary School life with Boyfriend. HAH ! Small world right ? Went to greenridge, bought dinner, went home. The End *claps*

Oh, I bought a dress yesterday ! HAH ! I had to wash my dirty Puma Pumps for that yknowww. Since I dont have any other matching shoes. Urgh.

Till here for now. Bye :}
And if its you whose been hunting me, I'll no longer have to hide.

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