Monday, 13 July 2009

I'm so friggin pissed right now!
I cant seem to find the answers to my homework questions & I can swear I did pay attention during A Maths lahhh ekh. Remedial tomorrow and E Maths test on Wednesday like what the heck. Oh well, wtv. I'm seriously planning on doing well in this test. I've been failing every Maths test yknoww. Yups, EVERY !

Kay moving on, today's Azlina's Birthday. Yeay. I have yet to but her anything. Not just YET ! Rafiqah & Yana planned something but changed of plans. Since, I knew it wouldnt be fun without them, I went straight home where I shared the usual stories about cute guys, sickening teachers & that certain dickhead with mommy. Harhar, joking. But I did mention things I'm certainly not happy about with her since I cant rely on anyone else to give me good advice. Heh, no offence.

So yeah, thats that. I'm not supposed to use the laptop but hah ! What the heck. Alright then I got to go study. Cheyy, like real. Bye [:

The quieter you are, the better.

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