Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hey Bloghoppers.

Today was pretty much boring but hey, I really did pay attention in school today okay. Especially during Physics. Mrs Lee didnt come again & hence, no Maths lesson. Yeay.

Went home straight after school cause I was damn tired & my headaches are back. GAHS ! Was supposed to meet Boyfriend & Aidil today but, neh. Since boyfriend's sick & I want to get home early so I didnt meet them. Anyways, get well soon Boyfriend (:

Moving on, dinner this Friday at Indoor Stadium. Yeay ! I hope its nothing too formal. I dont like too neat & too fancy stuff. Like guys wearing tux & girls wearing heels. Ewwww.

Okay thats all. Theres pretty much nothing else to say. Gnight.

Are your friends sincerely nice or are they just being sarcastic most of the time?

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