Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Picture Perfect

The pictures seriously takes forever to load. Anyway, I'm sure you can tell which ones are taken during my last day of volunteering & yesterday. There are muchmuch more than this uhh but heh, lazy :D

Moving on, today in school was hah ! Nothing really. ALL my subject teachers didnt come to school. Except for PE but yeah. Cool or what ?!? Then after school, headed off to Plaza with Nazirah, Erlyyana & Rafiqah who are super people to go out with. Borrowed books from the library & I had to use Nazirah's card. After the library we went off to the Pasar Malam again & I bought the circle-circle thing idk whatt & Rafiqah treated me my first popsicle :) Yeay. Thks ekh.
Went to Rafiqah's place awhile & we played with her super heavy cats. Walked home the long way as usual. Rafiqah sent me home, harharhar ! All in all, today was fun :)

Currently being an angel by helping Elmo with her research. HAH, I know right ? LOLOLOLOL.

PS: I edited my links & removed those who didnt link me, who changed URL & those whose blogs are private & I'm not invited in. LOL ekh. So yeah, tag to be linked.

And uhmm, gawd I've got to write this here. HAHAHAHAH.
K well, I was reading Azlina's comments on facebook & seriously man, I was laughing my ass off sia ! I shant say what's the topic about but this are somethings that some arrogant people should know.

  • Being a student in the Express Stream doesnt guarantee success & being a student in the Normal Stream doesnt guarantee failure. Please, have this inside your head.
  • Us take our O Levels on on the same year does not mean you can step on us. It doesnt matter who scored better anyway.
  • Never try to "act big" in the internet when you never have the facts right. Wait till the truth comes out & we'll be the one who'll be looking down on you.
I didnt continue with the conversation cause I dont want to be an "extra". Cause its really not worth my time arguing with soemone whose like smaller than me. But I really like what Girlfriends did. Arguing back & defending Azlina. Well, it isnt settled yet i think. There'll be alot of confronting if she still continues. HAHAHAH. Like real sia.

Gnight !

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