Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hey Hi Hello.
I'll make it short tonight. And if you find it boring please do not read it cause you'll be wasting around 10 mins of your life.

Today was Racial Harmony Day. Yes, I did wear my ethnic costume. Yes, I did take pictures. No, I'm not gonna upload it cause I look ugly. But I'll upload the pictures I took of other people some other time. Moving on, Khairiyah & Erlyyana left class at around 8am. Small girl was down with flu again while I sabotaged Khairiyah. HEHEHEH. Sorry yar babe. I thought the teacher wouldn't believe me. After they left, it was A Maths then PE. HAH ! Funny period. Aidil, Syaz, Nazirah & me forgoten to bring our PE attire. Hence, detention at blue room for 1 period. Not bearable I tell you. I was bored to death there. I actually bought my PE attire but Syaz & Nazirah begged me not to change. Me, being a person who hates PE of course listened to them. But its okay lah. I do not want rock climbing lah bloodyhell.

After detention, was recess. I finally got Chicken Cutlet. Hahahah. Yeay. Then after that found out that one girl on 3N3 has H1N1. 0.0 Scawyyy ! Kay yeah then English and Malay. Malay was superb ! Lastly was E Maths. Test was okay. I manage to complete everything but still, I'm not confident. I've missed all the Congruency & Similarities lessons. Shitx.

After school, met Norliana & Amira at Banquet. Had lunch then went home. Yes, today was okay. But last year was more happening man, seriously. Gosh, I miss Secondary 2. *sniffs*

Yknow what ? I really hate the fact that anyone who has a simple pathetic flu/cough has to go home. Then in the hall, you'll get "sound" by the teachers. As if its gonna make you feel better. Wth right ?

Well, I simply cant wait for the eclipse tomorrow. Heheheheh. Confirm class kecoh seyyy.

Tired Of Lonely.

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