Sunday, 19 July 2009

Yes babey, I'm back ! I missmissmiss blogging. Alright lets start with Friday.

Straight after school, girlfriends & me headed off to Bukit Panjang Plaza. I bumped into Azmirah Greenish & I felt like screaming my lungs out. So yeah, walkwalk & was supposed to eat at Mac there but as usual we had to listen what Khairiyah wanted but its okay. At least I had my Mac Spicy at Fajar. I saw Haizrul & his brother there. Felt like smiling/saying hi at him but hah. Didnt. So apparently only Nazirah, Noriana, Khairiyah & me went to Fajar & I knew I was going to meet someone ! Went straight home after that & was suposed to go to Naddy's place & meet boyfriend otw there but had last minute plans. So Iskandar & Aqilah came to my place, watched "Mrs Doubtfire" halfway then Iskandar headed home with some of my DVDs while Aqilah stayed a little while. So yeah, that was Friday.

Saturday was superb I tell you ! Had breakfast near Yani's tuition place then my parents & me went to the gym while Yani went to class. After that, bathed, fetched Yani & had lunch. Then went to Vivo to catch a movie. Daddy, Yani & me watched "Harry Ptter & The Half Blood Prince". Yes suckers ! I've watched it :D It was seriously good this time. Not like the previous one & I feel like watching it again. Before the movie I bought another short dress which I'll wear with tights this time. Yeay. Went home after that, finished my homework then went to sleep. So yeah, I really had fun on Saturday :D

So yeah anyways, I've been dying to write this here on my blog but I just dont have the time so I'll make it quick. But let me just say that I dont have anyone in particular in mind so again, jangan terase yaw.

I'm sure some of you heard that there's gonna be tsunami on 22 July right ? First things first, read this, idiots.

If you really truly believe that there's gonna be one, why are you stupid enough to even stay ? This just proves that you want to die right ? I'm not saying that its a lie of what the news say or wtv. Its just that I'm just so f*cked up cause people keep on writting this on their blogs & telling the whole world. %&*^%&*$"!*%£$ !

Idiotic. Your life must have been really miserable for you to believe in such negative things. I personally do not believe it & I dont intend to bet on anybody about this. But yeah, stop saying such things please. Other humans whose got a life would like to enjoy their rest of their lives rather then to worry about a tsunami coming.

All I know is, there's gonna be a lunar eclipse & I'll be leaving school early. Yeay.

I dont feel like going to school tommorow actually. A Maths & E Maths test on Monday & Tuesday. Urghh. Irritating. I've been spending my day studying today as if I've been stupid my whole life. I have to pass this tests kay. I cant bear failing another paper anymore. Bye !

Happy 2nd Month.

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