Friday, 24 July 2009

I'm having a good chilly feeling right now and I don't know why.

Today school was usual & yeah, had the most boring training ever. 7 seniors taking charge of 5 cadets while Afifah & Wena handled the rest to do some video thingy like what the heck right ?

So yeah, selection for NDP has been selected & there wont be any contingents around but only the flag parties. Yawn. So yeah, that was training. Boring right ? And hah ! Every hour there'll be a 30 minutes break now. Laugh Out Loud.

Life's been boring now. I've been thinking of AYG & the stupid mascot who went off when we wanted to take a picture with him during Appreciation Night lately. Siak. Pffffffffft, I miss people in the Ops Room lah. I swear its better than the Movement Duty, serious shit. I mean like we dont have to be debriefed and we could go out for breaks whenever plus the Ops Manager wont be pissed cause he was the ones who gives us hourly breaks. Only on the last day we, heh. "Over-rested" *sticks tongue out*

Currently chatting with Dzul. The usual topic, about NCC. *smiles at Azlina* Show off. Hmph. Andandd I feel like dancing & eating Marks & Spencers cookies. I know, I'm a vvvvv bad dancer & a big eater. I hate to admit it but yeah. That's sad man. I am not participating in next year's cheerleading thingy cause I wanna earn my bloody Community Service Silver. Hence, first aid duty for Sports Day & Urban Challenge. Pfffffffffffft. Frankly I dont know what the hell is Urban Challenge.

*Sighs* Poor Boyfriend's currently rotting in school like now. Motivational talk thing. That's sad man. I hate talkes/speeches. It makes me sleep. Unless the lecturer or wtv you call it is, hah. A hot hunk. Yeahhhhh. Dont worry, I wont melt kay Boyfriend. HEHEHEHEHEHEH. Love you ! *gives big/tight hug* :]

Tomorrow, going to gym alone in the morning. Sorry, I cant invite anyone cause it's at the place I used to live before I moved in here. Obviously at the other side of the country. Working out alone though. Saddddddddddddddd ! I hope we'll do something fun after that.
Then Sunday will be working. Kay yeah I dont think that's the right word. Wadeva lah. Kendarat at Senja with Khairiyah. Yeay. My weekend won't be so boring after all. HEHEHE.

PS: Nazirah's not that tall.

Webcaming with Haziq is fun ! :D

Love, it's your silence that caused me to leave.

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