Thursday, 16 July 2009

I've forgotten to bring home some assignments which are due tommorow & I feel like a bad student. Hence, I had to ask Khairiyah to help me photocopy the homework pages. Yes, I'm speechless & sorry for wasting your time. But thank you. At least there's someone I can still count on.

Situation with friends are slightly better now I think. I had a small & calm talk with Khairiyah & Raihan the other day & phew, it was all just a stupid misunderstanding. Seriously, if I hated this people, I wont bother talking to them. Its just that some friends are more worth fighting for. Mommy disapproves though & I dont know why. She still thinks that Suhardi is the best friend I've ever had & even told me to stay away from some of my other friends. But of course I didnt.

Anyway, its been 3 weeks sice I last met boyfriend & I miss him terribly. For the first few weeks, I was afraid that I'll become someone different. But with the current situation my friends & me are in now, I pretty much don't care what they think of me despite reminding them to tell me in what way am I not the person I was before. I've been constantly reminding myself that I need not worry. Somehow rather, I'm always feeling unhappy despite knowing that I've got almost everything. But I guess there's nothing I can do except for praying for the best. There much more important thing's to do now though its far to late to strat a new life, I'll try my best to become a new person.

And I'm currently waiting for this show to start though it wont be showing in the cinemas I think. But if it does, I'll be sure to invite my all time favourite girlfriend to come watch with me. Just take a wild guess. But I still love the rest yaw.

Speaking of girlfriends, AZMIRAH GREENISH ! I missmissmiss yoo ! ):

You're a risk I'm willing to take.

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