Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Unlike some people,

I apologize for my mistakes. I listen to others. I do not backstab. I do not run away. I admit confessions. I dont show shitface to people I don't like. I'm only sarcastic jokingly. I do not laugh at other people's misery.

I make friends not because I want someone to sit with during recess. I made friends because I want to love other's & other's to love me.

I do not believe in best friends forever. As time to time, there's always someone new who'll come along. Now, I finally understand why everyone change. Its not because they're influenced by others. Its because they'll feel a sense of belonging.

Again, unlike some people,

The person I once knew and to what they have become, I'll still love them for giving me the chance to learn that everybody is different.

Sweet, mean, arrogant, quiet, sensitive, controlling, insulting, smart, stupid, ugly, pretty. Nobody's flawless.

Hence, there can never be a perfect friend. But hey, its a good thing (:

PS: Its a rather scary thing to know that mummy like's Kanye West's songs. Eww.

With you here, I need not cry myself to sleep anymore.

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