Tuesday, 4 August 2009

An Afternoon With Irritants :)

Friday, 31 July

The photos arent captured from my camera but by my phone instead. Which simply explains the bad quality. Heh. Grab all you want.

Yesterday was usual. After school which ended at 3.15pm, Khadijah, Khalisah, Naz, Noraini & me were like panicking cause we can't find a bloody place to rehearse. In the end, we manage to borrow Aini's brother's girlfriend's laptop. HEHEH, Yeay. Met her at Zhenghua CC while Khalisah & Khadijah had to go for Netball last minute. It was like, so the fun. I didnt see that beautiful-moved-on face on the way there, thank god. Hahs, I swear I didnt want to walk pass that way but we had to send Khairiyah home. So yeah. Reached ZCC, did project, sang like a bad-voiced-choir. But hey, we aint bad kay. I find the lyrics very niceee (: After that, ate Cup Noodle & sat at the rooftop. Niceeeeee ! Boyfriend & Tedd were so friggin late & I leave the nagging to Nazirah. After Nazirah left, we sent Noraini to Segar LRT then the rest of us went to lepak. There a lot of bloody dogs sia, wth. I hate dogs. Ok yeah, their cute but somehow rather scary. So yeah, after that we went to meet Khalisah & Khadijah to return their thumbdrives. After that Boyfriend, Tedd & me lepaked again at 521. Thank god no low life-d teachers were patrolling there. Took pictures, blah. Went home.

I fell & hurt my knee D-: I just bought the bloody bandage since my parents are too busy with Yani being sick and all. Sad right ? Anddd oh, just now Malay lesson was combined & luckily we dont have to go all the way down for the lesson. We had our lessons at the Riffle Range instead. Some groups presented & they were all sooooooo bloody friggin good I tell you ! Check out Fithri's group. Not bad eyy.

At first, we thought it'll turn out to be something funny. But hah ! Their lyrics & music were good kay. Reminds me of the time I did a duet with Fithri & Aidil in Sec 1. The people who can corporate the most. Yeah, good times man.

Okay bye :-)

Without you here, music's my new boyfriend (:

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