Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Time Check: 5.23

I'm pretty much dumped with tests & homework due next week. I finally did make an effort to pay attention during Chemistry & I finally understood. As for next week, tests are Chemistry & POA plus both Maths assignments and a Malay Project due next week also.

Its already Week 6. 4 more weeks to September Holidays and than poof ! FYE will begin. The next thing I know I'll be in Sec 4 taking my N Levels & honestly, I'm seriously not ready. Speaking of Exams, congrats to Susan, Tze Qin & Jia Wen for obtaining the first 3 standards in the level. Andand to Sabila & Johnathan for obtaining best in Malay & Maths. *clapclap*

Anyways, I finally got a B in my E Maths & Geography test. Yeay. i have to admit I'm feeling slightly confident for my Geography. I've been handing up every graded assignment & I scored 62 for my test. Not bad eyy ? I don't have any hope for English though. I have not been handing up my assignments cause I've been absent for every Newspaper articles day & hence, I did not submit it. I'll try my best to hand it all in by the end of this week.

I'm currently aiming for Bs for my subjects. As for Chemistry I'll try to obtain at least a pathetic pass first. I've been failing by a bloody half mark for every class test last semester. As for A Maths I'm aiming for a higher B since I'm doing quite well for E Maths & I'm hoping that I could improve as much for A Maths.

Anyway, Boyfriend asked me out to watch the Fireworks on Sunday. Already asked Khairiyah but she'll have to get back to me but hah ! Guess what. My family's going also. Bloodyhell I'll have to cancel my date with Boyfriend & Tedd. Sad right ?

There's a fxcking Binomial Thm test tomorrow during E Maths which leaves the 3N2 students with nothing to do. Oh, I was referring to the 5 transfer students. Friday I've got to wear my RC full uniform despite not having any parade. What the heck ? School finishes at 10am but maybe Nazirah & Me are going to Lot 1 after that. Probably the usual will tag along. Sad that it wouldnt be a best-friend-since-13 sorta date but it's okay. And I do hope to meet that bloody skinny cousin of mine. HEHEH.

K bye.

Do we live on the physical world we could touch or in the world we create in our minds?

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