Friday, 14 August 2009

Awesome Days (:

Yesterday ;


My Kind Of People (:

Mentioned about the Mini Concert thing at my previous previous previous post or something. So here are the pictures I promised. Ignore my beret lahh kay. I know it doesnt look seasoned. And I forgotten to wear my Enrolment badge. Shit. So yeah that was last Saturday.

Anyways, yesterday was like the most Gerek-est. Firstly, congrats to Nurul Artika Raemi for getting 6/7 for Social Studies test & 21/23 for E Maths Circle Properties test. *claps* Sadly only 4.5/23 for POA but what the heck. My class did badly & I'm not the lowest. I'll just study harder for EOY.

After remedial, went home & changed. Met the usual at Greenridge Shopping Centre. Headed off to ZCC to eat Cup Noodle [: Yeay. Ate at the rooftop & surprisingly Haziq, Idham, Ilham & this other guy went there too. Saw Naz's cousin who ran away when she saw me. Aper lagi, chase uhhh. Nazirah settled with her. Idk what she said. Khairiyah & me just waited outside. After that, met Boyfriend while Gfs went home. Boyfriend & me headed of to Fajar, near Tedd's block. I purposely choosed to go there cause I know Tedd will be walking there. *evil laughs* Took pictures, talktalk, laughed. All those uhhh. And yeay, Tedd did came :D After he went home, Boyfriend sent me home also. So yeah, thats yesterday.

Today ? Dont ask. HEHEHEH. I felt like crying when almost everyone finished their POA corrections. But I know Nazirah was stuck also so yeah. LOL.

Goodnight Everybody (:

Why bother living when the someone you cant live without left ?

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