Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Falling Out Of (L)

I can't really find a more unique & different picture of me & boyfriend.
But anyway, Happy 3rd Month bby :}
See ? I look as sepet as you already. Hmph.

My day didnt really start off very well. Quarrelled with mum again. It's what we do almost every morning. I was expecting slightly better thing's to happen in school but, heh nothing. Nazirah & me weren't talking for the first half of the day & I dont knowwhy. Lucky thing I was doing my POA & was to busy to even bother so yeah, what the heck right ? I didnt do anything wrong. Later on after recess was slightly okay. I've scored 19/25 for Physics. Finally I passed & I'm so happy about it. As for Chemistry I've scored 16.5/25 which is hah ! Very good kay. My teacher said I improved alot & she's proud of me. If you think I'm bragging means you're jealous. TEEHEE. Thank you boyfriend & Elmo for teaching me. Elmo taught me a little but still, I wouldnt have did better if it weren't for her. As for Boyfriend his just doing what his always been doing :D
I've been doing rather well in school lately except for POA. Lucky thing there's gonna be a re-test & I hope I can do better. I can't believe I'm saying that I wanna pass POA but what the hell uh. I'm just saving myself. I'm not really sure on how I did for Malay cause we havent been receiving any tests except for our project presentation which was really very fun doing. After school, I wanted to stay back but I figured that I wouldnt be doing anything & everyone is pretty much ignoring me so yeah, just headed home.

Yesterday ;
There was supposed to be an EM level test which we only did for 5 minutes. The chinese department needed our classroom for oral so yeah, yeay. Khairyah & Me headed off to CCK Polyclinic where we waited forever till its my turn. We reached there around 3pm & it was my turn around 5pm. Within that 2 hours, we camwhored & did our homework. I wanted to eat at the Mac Donalds near by but Khai was fasting so yeah. Thank you so bloody much Khairiyah. I'm gonna buy you a Hot Fudge Sundae :-D We left the Polyclinic around 6.30pm & my next appointment will be at Clementi Polyclinic. Was supposed to be this Friday but hey, I'm not gonna walk around toe nail-less kay. Walked pass Teck Whye Sec hoping we could see some familiar faces there. But nah, nothing. Then was supposed to meet Boyfriend but he finish at 7.30pm so I was like forget it. Then he called & asked if he still wants to meet & I was like duh. So we had to go back. He was bloody 15 minutes late & he brought the rest of his friends along. Khai & me were like "0h Shitx!" But kay nevermind. Talked awhile & then Khai & me went home. Reached home around 7pm. HEHEHEH. Thanks so much again Khairyah :D

That's pretty much it. Bye all.

I'd rather be alone & be happy than to be with someone I don't love.

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