Sunday, 2 August 2009

I left my stupid camera in th car. So I'll upload the pictures next time.
AYG Appreciation Night/Red Cross 60th Carnival/Cousin's Wedding :D

Anyways, yesterday really rocked. Went to school around 8am & pathetically only 4 of us were there. We were all so friggin hungry so we called up those on the way here to buy food at the LRT for us. Hahs. Took temperature, boarded bus. When we reached there I was really hoping that I could see my RCYC teammates. I did saw my sir though. HAHAH. Funny. Interacted with the kids who were really friggin naughty and lunch was KFC. Yeay !

After lunch, another group of kids came. Did the usual and all this ended at 3pm. I wanted to buy Javachip but bloodyhell, it was so far away. Bought slurpee instead -.-" In the bus, I was hoping my iPod wouldnt get spoiled & yeay ! It wasnt. Cause i accidentally spilled water on it so yeah. HEHEH. Oh, and before we left the place right, we played with Mdm Masrena's youngest son who was sooo darn cute. Serious shit I felt like biting his cheeks off. Harharhar.

Reached school, went home, bathed. By then it was 4pm already and my cousin's wedding ends at 6pm. Quickly changed, wore make up in my father's car & when I reached, one of my cousins were like "Why your make up senget ?" HAHAHAH. Shitx. Obviously I adjusted straight after that. Then went to my cousin's place to meet the usual blood fliques. Naddy was asleep when I reached there & Sophia was having a fever. *Sighs* Sad. they were all watching Disney while I talked with Boyfriend on the phone a while. When Naddy woke up, I finally get to eat. After that we camwhored like mad. Especially the jumping part. Hahahahah ! Went home around 9pm. Bathed and finished my homework. Surprisingly I could still study. Tired but wasnt sleepy. So yeah, slept around 12pm. Wanted to call Nazirah but neh. The conversation can never end when I talk to her.

Today was the usual routine. Tuition in the morning, boredom in the afternoon, movies at night. Was supposed to attend a lunch at my cousin's place but couldnt cause mommy dont allow us to like wth. Pity Naddy for not having anyone to accompany her. And I havent met that skinny cousin of mine yet ! When I reached there, he went home. Mean right ? Harharharhar.

E Maths test tommorow. Fxck, I left my textbook in school. Sabila's phone's spoiled, Khairiyah will give me excuses not to lend me the book and Nazirah seemed so far away. So I guess I have to make do with the other textbook which my teacher never use. Andandand maybe after that I'll be able to tag along with Erlyyana & Rafiqah to Pizza Hut. Maybe only. Khadijah isnt really happy with the fact that I couldnt help out with the project. So maybe I'll have to stay back in school to finish up the project instead. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

I've forgotten to mention that I met Boyfriend & hes friend, Tedd on Thursday. Thank you very very much Naz & Khai for accompanying me. Lepaked at the Pondok near Tedd's place then headed off to Mac Donalds. Hohohoho ! Fun. Sent Khairiyah home, and otw there, I saw a beautiful-moved-on-familiar face starring at Boyfriend & me while we walk home together. Remind me never to walk pass that playground kay? It still sings. Boyfriend took a bus back while I take the usual beside-longkang/pondok-to-GRPS route. Reached home around 7pm. HEHEHEHE.

Thursday was fun. So was Friday when i went to my cousin's "pre-wedding". Plus yesterday like I said, rocked !

So yeah, that's all from me. I'll upload pictures the next time kay. Bye.


Remind me to upload a huge picture of her the next time.
Andandand I'm not outdated, I just miss this songs.
You Should Have Lied-Stephanie McIntosh
Told You So-Jesse McCartney
Butterfly Fly Away-Miley Cyrus
Believe In Me-Demi Lovato
The Night Of My Life-Stephanie McIntosh
Say Goodbye-Chris Brown
Crazier-Taylor Swift
All Or Nothing-O Town
Like A Rose-A1
If I Were A Boy-Rihanna
It Ends Tonight-The All-American Rejects
Tongue Tied-Fabor Drive
Dont bother listening if you dont like sad songs.
It just takes luck to be with you.

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