Sunday, 16 August 2009

I'm not gonna private my blog again because of a couple of dickheads who spammed my blog.
I hate to repeat this but seriously, I dont mind :D :D :D :D :D

Come on lah. Why should I copy Rena or Venice (No offence ekh yall). I've been taking pictures since like forever & now then you tell me my pictures suck ? Yknow what, thanks for your unwanted comment even though it's not needed.

And Boyfriend has a nice smile. I think you're just jealous that he smiles better than you. Tip for you, if you want to smile like him, get braces :D

See, I learned to stand up for myself already. *clapclap*

All in all, I feel sorry for you two. Are your parents drug addicts ? Or did they die when you were like 2 years old? You must have had a very bad childhood or born disabled thats why you're jealous of other people's lives. Rightright ? Childish pigs, no wonder you dont dare to put your name. Cause you're embarrassed of your identity. Anyway, send my regards to your parents if they're still alive yeah :D

So yeah moving on. I woke up early today with curly hair ! Seesee I show you.

Kay fine uhhh, it was only temporary. I watched the video Hanna upload it the other day & yeah. Pandai2 uhh follow. Fun yknoww do this. And this was 7am in the morning which explains why the pictures are in bad quality. Pathetic phone. My hair's straight now so yeah.

I'm not really done with my homeworks yknow. I've only completed E Maths. POA corrections, Malay worksheet & A Maths textbook. GAHS. Lazy lah. I'll wake up early tomorrow. Since school starts late every Monday.

Will be going to Botanical Gardens later. More pictures of flowers so bear with it, what the fuck :) Naddy, pleasepleaseplease come. Love yoo !

Alright I wanna do some bloghopping & spam Khairiyah's blog. Muahahahah ! No lahh. My parents are still alive & they gave me a good childhood. So yeah, my life's goooooooooood man.


Platform Shoes=LOVE.

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