Saturday, 22 August 2009

(L), let's fly.

I've officially deleted my Facebook & Friendster (: Boring to max, seriously. Andand I've deleted some people from MSN. We haven't been talking much/at all so what the hell. Delete lah (:

Anyways, I was the last one to wake up for sahur this morning. I didnt want to wake up yknoww, seriously. I ate like a but only, not a morning person so I didnt have the mood to stuff myself with food eventhough I'll be starving later during the day. Went back to sleep & woke up at 12pm. Nicee sia. Bathed, cleaned & completed homework *clapclap* All that's left would be studying for my POA & E Maths test. So there's pretty much atleast one test for my class every week. *sighs* Sad but September Holidays will be coming up. I'm not planning to go out with friends during that time. I'll be toe nail-less. Yknow my friends lahh right ? Insult here insult there. Sakitkan hati orang pandai ekhhh. Hahah, jkjk. Sygggg krg lah !

Breaking fast at Naddy's place later. Heard that grandmama has cooked something yummy. HAHAH, can't wait. Hope I've got time to head to Causeway later to buy some files. I really need to organize my worksheets.
Gosh, I'm so freaking bored now. Bet even Boyfriend's having a better time in school then me. Ohh yeah man, I've got to work on Elmo's blogskin. Toodles !

You said, "it isnt you, it's me." I said "bullshit."

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