Friday, 21 August 2009

(L), We're Drifting.

Nah, amek kau. Grab all you want. Don't ask me to delete any pictures here kay. If I know your face looks ugly I wouldnt have upload it. FYI, this will be added to my collage (:
So yeah Red Cross training was CIP home visit. After that we went to BPP. Azmina & the rest went to lepaked awhile I guess so Juniors & me went off first. Apparently it was only the 3 of us but what the heck. Nurlin told me a very intersting story that has something to do with what happened to me recently & seriously seyyy. Sec 1s know more than us. Pffft, what kind of person would spam his/her own blog right ? Laugh Out Loud. So yeah anyways, we headed to Long John Silver & later on Azmina, Hidayah & Aini joined us. Apparently that would be the last time I'll eat out with my friends. So I ate a lottt I tell you. After LJS was the library where we camwhored & after that was the Garden Plaza where we camwhored some more. Yeah, it was fun uhh, seriously man. I mean I only get to hang out with them once a week after training. Besides, its a Friday man ! :-D
So yeah, that was Friday. I'll upload the pictures I took today some other time. I'm feeling sososo tired now.
What the hell man. I didnt receive any email to volunteer for YOG next year. TSK. Nevermind I guess. I don't mind not going. I tend to get attached to things quickly remember ? When it's gone I'll get overly emotional then boom, I'll cry ): But I didnt during the Appreciation Night lah. Heheheheh.
I havent been talking to Boyfriend much lately. His just busy with his D&T and preparing for N levels while I'm busy with my own FYE. Plus when we plan to meet somedays he would have to cancel it last minute. Upset-ing at first but hey. He still loves me ahhhh (-: And we can't meet cause Fasting Month's coming & you know our hands. We just cant stop touching each other. Laugh Out Loud.
Yeah man. Tmr's fasting starts. Excited cause I'll have a new excuse not wanting to stay back after school with Girlfriends. So my daily routine for this coming Monday onwards would be school, come back, sleep, wake up, bathe, do homework, break fast and sleep again.
HEHEH. Bye !

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