Monday, 10 August 2009

Time Check: 9.34am

Kay, I promise I'll upload pictures later or perhaps next time. I've been so totally busy with homeworks & studying for tests that I dont have time to update my blog. HAHS. Actually I havent started on my homeworks yet. I've been concentrating on Chemistry lately & pretty much don't have the time for homeworks & revising for POA. Bad time management don't you think ?

So yeah, on Friday Nazirah & Me went to Lot 1. Met Boyfriend & Amira there. Walked then ate. After that bought a small cake for Amira. Belated Birthday lah. HEHEH. So everyone else who didnt come pretty much missed the fun. Oh, Aidil & Syaz was there also. Coolshitx right ! Heh, I love them. After that we headed off to Fajar MacDonald while Aidil & Syaz went for lunch. Frankly I do not know whose bloody idea was it to go all the way to Fajar MacDonald just to study. Come one lah. There's one here & better yet, a library. It's just so inconvenient for Boyfriend to go all the way there. Given the choice I'd rather hang out with him at Lot 1 but since he insisted then I shall follow.

In the bus Nazirah & Amira told us to go ahead first to check whether there's this certain group of people at Macs. I wasnt really liking the idea of that but hey. It's not as if I can spent time with Boyfriend everyday right ? Wanted to meet Tedd but that idiot said he was lazy. Harharhar. Bloodyhell. Joking ekh Tedd (: So yeah, moving on. Went to Macs & yeay. That certain group of people isnt there. Hence, Amira & Naz can come along. While waiting Boyfriend & me camwhored awhile then he taught me Chemistry. Bloody show off. Laugh Out Loud. I'm joking. After that Boyfriend had to go & I was nice enough to sent him to Fajar LRT. After that the rest & me met Aisyah, Khairiyah & Clover. I went home early cause it was close to 6pm. So yeah.

And oh, being extras at 3N2 was fun ! Yeah, we feel like extras but wtheck. It was really fun singing along with them. Hey, we were invited in okay. Gerek lahhh ekh 3N2 ? Rock uhh you all.

Saturday was the mini concert thing. Idk what lah. 6 representatives from all uniform groups in my school had to attend this thing. Apparently RC's flag barrier's arent needed so hence, Hetty & Carine didnt come. I was standing directly in front of Hafidz & I can see that we seriously tried not to look at each other. We already fall-in so we pretty much cannot move anywhere else. When it was time to salute right, HAHAH. Hafidz & me didnt know when to do so. He wanted to follow me but I didnt know what to do and I wanted to follow him but he didnt know what to do. In the end, I followed the person next to him. So yeah. Funny sia. After that, debrief, group photo, took goody bag then went home. I was so friggin tired yknoww seriously. I wanted to upload a video of Aisyah singing but lazy ler. HEHEH.

Yesterday was like almost the best day ever. Met Putra at Senja then headed off to Clementi to wait for Boyfriend. And there he was looking so gorgeously. I felt like hugging him but what an unappropriate place to do so. After that the 3 of us headed off to City Hall while Khairiyah & Nissa was still on their way. Found a perfect spot to sit on & hey ! I saw Farah lah. Looking so descent & pretty especially with her boyfriend. So yeah. Waited for Khairiyah & we got to know that she couldnt come in. So Putra went out searching for her & after we went off searching for her too. Stupidly, she was at a very familiar place which we passedby a few hours before & we went through the trouble of searching for her inside the Esplanade. In the end, I didnt get to see the fireworks but atleast Khairiyah did. Sorry yeah Khairiyah. I was pretty sad myself but atleast I know boyfriend's always there. Khairiyah insisted on going to Causeway Point. Yes, a very smart an reasonable choice which not many people can make. So yeah in the train, I couldnt get my hands off boyfriend since I've been through a lot at home & havent been feeling so loved & secured eversince. And I pretty much didnt want to go home either. But hey, yesterday was fun. Reached home at 11.15pm & I was just too tired to entertain any nags from my parents. In the end, I didnt get any.

And I saw Katek there also ! HAHAH. Pakai vest ekh kak ? :D :D :D :D Another bloody show off. Damn it.

K then I wanna go bath. HEHEHEH. I know I stink. Bye.

I'm glad to know that there's finally someone who doesnt want to let go.

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