Sunday, 20 September 2009

Chapter 1, Page 11

Kay, I swear I was using my camera to take these pics.
The pictures looks so bad here. I hate blogger.
I've checked out livejournal and tumblr but their backgrounds are so suckish. So I'm stuck with blogger ): I'll figure a way to create my own picture blog kay ? Where the picures would look so much better there :-D

So basically I woke up at 8.30am. Bathed & went to the hairdresser next block to do my hair. Yani did her's also. So, I didn't have to use Raf's hair curler. HEHEH, sry Rafraf :) But I'll be using it tmr. So yeah, moving on, after that went back home. Did the usual then headed off to grandmama's place. It wasn't very happening there as I don't really talk to my cousins from my father's side much. But I was really surprised that they have grown a lottt ! Was really shocked to see them. Yea, they looked cute kay. Harharhar!

After that headed off to Naddy's place where my other grandmama lives. Almost everyone was there except skinny. So yeah. Then this other family came. Idk who. Pffft, the guys were like hotstuffs kay! Swear I don't know them. Kay I better stop before Boyfriend brags at me about how close he is to his other girlfriends *slaps face* But nothing lah. I just think they're cute. Kay shut up Artix. HEHEH. Hanim had to leave early. So I was with Naddy for the rest of the day. Camwhored, and there's more than this kay. There's something wrong with Blogger. Like always. I got tired soon then decided to disturb Arifin. Irritating botak! He kicked my bloody nose. I bit his arm. AHAHAHAH! I was the one who bullied him first lah actually. V bad right ? I know :P Apparently Naddy got sleepy & fell asleep. I was stuck with Yani & Sophia. Watched MVA. Kanye West sucks big time. BIGBIGBIG TIME! Urgh. *smiles at Boyfriend*

Naddy finally woke up when Skinny finally arrived which was 7pm. *winks at Khairiyah* We didn't talk much uh. Was watching Robots. Funny siollll ! Then had to go off. Got busted by Skinny's sissy. Mummy had to interfere. So I was defending Khairyah & Skinny. Had to kay. I was defending myself lah actually. HEHEH. So yeah, went home. Showered, chat with Boyfriend, blogged. Tadaaaaaaaaaa!

AHAHAH. Will be going out again tmr. School ends early tmr. Coolshitx right ? My lessons are only A Maths & PE. Great!

So before I go, once again,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada semua kenalanku.
Jika ku pernah ada kasar bahasa atau membuat kesilapan atau kesalahan,
harap dimaafkan ya!

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