Monday, 21 September 2009

Chapter 1, Page 12.

Someone told me to blog today even after putting on my PM "Blog's On Hiatus" So yeah, here I go!

Today is v v v tiring. Tiring then yesterday actually. Went to four houses today. All the people were total strangers to me except Skinny. It's all my grandaunt sorta thing. So yeah, I dont recognise them. The first house was at Boon Lay but that relative of mine wasn't home. Then after that headed off to Ang Mo Kio where Daddy's uncle lives. He almost forgot to give me $$$ cause he thought I've stopped schooling. Barely 15 here hello ? Then after that went to Commowealth. Daddy's aunt's place. I loooooooooooike! Already got her house design in my head so I can use it while playing Sims. HAHAH! After that to idk where and idk whose place. But there's this girl there who was one year younger than me who looks bloody arrogant. She bloody rolled her eyes at me lah bloodyhell. Please lah, just because you shave your eyebrows & rebonded your hair you think you big is it ? Zzzzomg. Lucky thing I was too tired to even bother. After that went to Skinny's house. Yeay ! Skinny's mum cooks the best food uhh I swear. HAHAH. Apparently Skinny wasn't home when I arrived. Quickly texted him then he decided to come home to meet me. Awwww (: Mummy thought I told him to come back. Sumpah I didn't eh Dil :)

So yeah, that's that. Oh, and I met my relatives from Malaysia also. Sha & Kim seems to be growing a lott! Still irritating but fun. AHAHAH. I love them lah.

School ends at 10am tmr. Yayayayay! Lessons would only be A Maths & PE. Yayayayay! I have yet to complete my bloody A Maths assignments. Shitx. Kay bye!

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