Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Chapter 1, Page 14.

Dear Love,

I know things would be different from now on so I'll might as well say this while I still have the chance. We have been through struggles lately. I wanted to tell you about what I feel towards this thing we had but I it'll only make things worst. So I decided to just be quiet and to wait for things to get better cause it usually does. But unluckily for us, things didn't get better. The more problems we face, the more unhappy I feel about everything.

The moment I realized that I begin to fall too deeply for you, I had to stop. For this I needed time. I admit, I was being selfish. But there's nothing else I can do. All I did in the past was make everyone else happy. I wanted someone to make me happy this time but I guess it's wrong to continue hoping for such things.

Together or apart, you'll always be the guy that I once loved and a lesson learned. The only person I'll end up to be, would be the girl who lost the key to your heart. It's pretty clear that it'll be my destiny to be that girl.

If we were to never see each other again, you're out walking one day and you feel a certain presence beside you. It would be me, loving and thinking of you, wherever I am.

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