Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Chapter 1 Page 13

To a Beautiful-Moved-On Face.

I still love to see you happy.
I still love passing by your favourite hang out place just to see you again.
I still love the way you smile, cause it makes everyone laughs.
I still love the fact that you hate wearing your cap on backwards.
I still love seeing you with someone new.

There is something you should know.

The day before you left, was the best day of my life. You told me to look at the moon whenever I miss you and to think of you at the same time. So I did. I thought of you. I begin to hear your voice inside my head. The next day, it all ended. And obviously you didn't know how heartbroken I was. From that day, I began to pretend. To pretend to be happy on the outside and sad inside, it feels so wrong. I knew no one else could care for me as much as you did so I didn't have a choice but to continue to suffer in silence.

How could I go crying to someone who has been causing all the problems ? It always easier to ask a person to move on. How can I move on ? I felt betrayed. I knew some people wanted to help. But I backed away from them, which just makes me want them to be there for me more. I was attention seeking. I wanted to be alone, but at the same time I wanted to be loved.

I never met anyone new. You did. You were happy. I wanted you to be happy, with me. But that's life. I know I can't get everything. I gave up hoping. I gave up on happiness. And finally, I've moved on.

I think I'm beginning to miss you. I think I like to see you happy now.

It's never tiring to say that People Change. Now, I am still scared of promises. I am still scared of falling to deeply. But at least, I am still happy with my life & how it is now. I love my family, my friends & my Boyfriend for their undying support to help me stay alive. There aren't many. But it's better than nothing (:

I loooooike my friends who thinks I'm a bitch. Awwww, I love those bitches too :-D
I lovelovelovelove the way they make my day by insulting others. I love the fact that they'll be there for me in whatever situation I'm in.

I loooooike my Boyfriends who insults me as if he's perfect. Awwww, I love my fughead too :-D
I lovelovelove the way he holds me. I love the way his eyes become smaller everytime he smiles. I love the fact that he treats me as if I'm his oxygen tank for survival.

Andddddddd to these people, take a bow :)

Syazana, Nazirah, Khairiyah, Aidil (Cousin), Rafiqah, Tedd, Fadilah & Dave.

Thanks for being there for me. You were my one & only, when I thought I had no one. You listened to my complains. You listened to my moans. I can't thank you enough (:
Nothing lasts forever. Somethings are bound to end. It's just a matter of luck, patience & time.
Take Care.

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