Saturday, 12 September 2009

(L), Hiding

Hey Bloghoppers [:

My itchy hands deleted my onsugar blog. HEHEH. At first I felt like deleting it but after much thinking I decided not to. Then poof! There goes my fingers. Since I already deleted that blog, I'll be moving back here instead. Though it sucks big time but what the heck, onsugar's so bloody boring. It won't be this URL there. I only keep it for memory sake.

I'm currently trying to self discipline myself not to blog so often as my exams are coming and I haven't been doing much revisions. So whenever I'm free I'll be creating a brand new one but will be revealing it after my exams which will end on 16 October. Within that time I'll get my blog ready for you people to read.

Sorry for the incovenience. Stop nagging at me can ? If you're not happy with me changing URLs then don't read/relink.

Good luck to everybody including N level candidates yeah. Study well (:


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