Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Chapter 2 Page 14

My effing camera battery just died. V irritating yknow! I'll upload more pictures when the the batt's full kkkkkkk. Did you know, I had to bloody upload the pic to photobucket and the copy past the code here? Leceh right ? For the sake of you people lah. Seeeeeee, I do care. *awwwwww*

Life in school has been rough lately. I DON'T LIKE! Firstly, malay cher's accusing of us for like not liking her or smth. Then, I failed my Physics again. Thennnnn, Girlfriends misunderstood me just now though I think I made everything pretty clear.

Just bear in mind.
I don't need you to tell me who I am or who I'm behaving like cause obviously, I know myself better than anyone else. If I was behaving like the girl you thought, then you're v v v wrong cause if I was, I wouldn't be stupid enough to tell people how I feel cause I know people will obviously hate me *catches breath*

The fact that some people don't like it when their people they've known their whole lives are running away from them and the fact that they have changed since they met met new people are 2 different things.
Running & Changing are 2 different things. Clear?

Enough said. :-D

EOY starts this Friday. E Maths & Social Studies. Frankly, I havent even covered anything except Chemistry. Atleast every Sec 4NA student in my school is taking one O lvl subject this year. I WANT SCIENCE! I'm positive that I can clear my Chemistry but I'm just worried about my Physics. Shit how ah?

More of Saturday's Pictures.

There's more but next time lah.

Take Care Everybody!

Happy Belated Birthday Shahirul!

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