Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hi O levels.

First and foremost, congratulations to those who passed their O levels *applause* Well, teachers now are consistently telling us to study study study very very very hard - especially for English cus a lot of students didn't do well for it - And well, congratulations to Direct O level students who scored a distinction for the respective subjects you're taking! Lucky you can take one lesser subject now, or not. And and to the best new Volunteer Instructors :) :) :)

I had an A Maths test on Partial Fractions earlier. Despite the fact that I've studied that earlier than most of my classmates, it feels like I'm not gonna pass that test. My answer for the first question was different than the rest and that's the easiest out of the five. Great. What an awful way to start the year. That test actually felt like N levels. I was shivering while attempting the questions and not because I was feeling cold but because I suddenly felt nervous. I felt the need to pass this test and it's a feeling I've never felt before. I never really took my tests seriously. Maybe because it's the increased pressure my teachers and parents have been giving me this year. After all, there were 100% passes for A Maths for O levels. I was like how is that even possible? :/ I'm not trying to look down on my seniors who took the paper but we've always thought that A Maths is the most effing difficult paper in the history of all exams. Haha! Well, this just shows that anything is possible right?

And I'm loaded with homework right now. It'll be greatly appreciated if someone can help me with Chemistry cus I don't know what the hell is going on in class :P


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